Floating Lotus Ring

                                                 A Light delicate ring in 18k yellow gold, with a central natural unheated 4. 5 mm Burmese Ruby. Light pink and colourless small diamonds, and one small emerald at the back.

3D printed, with a lot of post-printing hand work and bright-cut setting.

Size: Euro 55. US 7 1/4. UK O 1/2.

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Archive Reference: RC09

A Gold Band

A ring in 18k yellow gold, with colourless and natural yellow small diamonds. 3D printed, with a bright-cut settings and engraved texture.

11 mm width.   Weight 12 grams.   Size: Euro 56.  US 7-1/2. UK. P

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Archive Reference: RB03

A Persian Lotus theme Diamond Ring

                                                                                                                        Made through Chasing and Engraving in 19k Orange Rose gold.  With Colourless and Light Pink diamonds. This was perhaps the most challenging ring that I made during these years. And possibly the last one to create fully by hand with a hummer and chasing tools. It has a complicated, confusing symmetry, with an offset in the size of the petals to create the optical feeling of symmetry when viewed from above.

Completed in 2018

Archive Reference: RD09

Diamonds and 20k yellow gold ring

                                                                                                                        Chased and Engraved, with Sateen [fine liner engraving] background texture.

*This ring was photographed after being  worn for a year , and in the large images on the relatively soft 20k yellow gold, the small bumps and scratches of life are clearly visible.


Archive Reference: RD08

Fine Burmese Star Ruby

                                                             A gem quality untreated star ruby. Set in intricate 19k Rose-gold ring.    All Diamonds are natural Fancy-Colour including: 4  PP1 [Vivid purpule-Pink] 2mm & 1.4mm. 1 PP3 1.4mm, 36 Blue-Grey 1mm, and 12 5P or 6P [Light-Pink] in 1mm size.


Archive Reference: RS10

A small Star Ruby Ring

                                                           Made in 19k Orange Rose gold with small Yellow Pink and Blue-Grey diamonds, and unheated natural Rubies.   2011

 * The Ruby’s star is hidden in most of these images which were shot in diffused lightning.

Archive Reference: RS09

Fancy Opal

                             (Possibly) Fossilised, set in rose 18 & 22k gold ring. With natural colour and colourless diamonds. Polished from rough in studio.

From 2005

Archive Reference: RO14