The Jewellery Archive



The Archive Galleries is where images of the work of jewellery made from 1994 onwards are archived and displayed. What is shown here is the work I was able to have photographed. All along the years of my work, I did not have a suitable camera (or any camera for that matter), Jewellery photographs were taken by friends with all sorts of cameras and lenses. Some very good photographers took pictures of the work, yet jewellery photography is quite specialised and requires specific equipment and knowledge. Some of my Work, mostly from the early years, but also newer pieces were never photographed, and some were shot in fairly poor quality.   * When looking through the jewellery photos, enlist the use of your imagination to get a feeling of how the work probably looked and felt back then. * The photographs were [image correcting] edited by me, to get as close as possible to the look of the original piece.   * While editing the photographs, I tried to be as true to the work as much as I can remember it… for the jewellery has often gone to the customer by the time I edit the photos. Therefore, things like the intensity of colour and brilliance of the various gemstones are always approximate.   * Most newer Work shown as shot or give just a light touch in PS.   Work  is displayed in chronological order, with newer Work at the top of each page.   * After working so much with opals, especially during the years I worked from the studio in Pune (India) it seems right to dedicate specific pages within the archives for opal jewellery. *Most opals in my work, had been cut by me from the Australian rough, some are also curved. Information about opals is available in the Studio & Information section, under Opals Info & Care.   * Rings set with Star Sapphires have a dedicated page under the rings category.   * There is also a page for diamond rings.   * In the Pendants category, there is a page for Tibetan Turquoise pendants. These remarkable stones are fast becoming very rare. They are antique and parts of the Tibetan inheritance and religious culture. New turquoise is very different in feel, look, and energy.   * The first buckles page is only for amber buckles, the second page show Tibetan turquoise and other stones.

updated July 2019