Creating a pair of earrings is different than other work of jewellery. Earrings have to be lightweight, secure yet not too difficult to wear and remove… [as some that i have made in the past probably are] They should flow with the shape of the ear and the head, be comfortable, and move gracefully if they include moving parts. and be a pair, two of the same… and in the past, this, in itself, was a small challenge.



EarTubes with Yellow Diamonds

A pair of Ear Tubes with 9 1.5mm natural Yellow Diamonds

The 3D model I built in Rhino, sent it for print and casting

Setting and finishing I did back here in the studio.



Archive Reference: EC11

An Eagle feather

                                          Hanging from a single earring in 19k Light-Rose gold.
With a few small Fancy-Colour diamonds.

Archive Reference: EC10

A nose-stud

                                Small’Pave’ setting, only 3 mm across. With 7 fancy natural vivid yellow and one vivid pink diamonds.
small diamonds in 0.08 and 0.11 mm.

Archive Reference: EC09

Last work in Pune India

                                                           Pictured one out of a pair of chased and engraved earrings. With a changeable ruby screw lock. Made in 19k rose gold, small Rubies and Diamonds.
The other earring of this pair is engraved with different patterns.
*was photographed through the microscope’s eyepiece.


Archive Reference: EC08

Pink Sapphire earring

                                                      One out of a pair of earrings, in 18k rose gold with pink Sapphires.
From around 2002

Archive Reference: EC07

Three Sapphires

A single earring in 18k gold.

From around 2001

Archive Reference: EC06

Sugilite and Rubies

 A single earring in a 22k gold.

From around 2001

Archive Reference: EC05