The ShowCase Gallery

The ShowCase area is a small collection of Work, taken from the Archives. It will be rotated here every few months.


Hand made jewellery, like these intricate pieces are the kind that takes many hours [days, months] to create, something artists can rarely afford to make in our time. The jewellery displayed  here is what is referred to as 'One of a Kind',  which means that only one piece was ever made . These pieces, placed safely outside the expectations of fashion, often increase in value with the passing of time,

All what is shown in this gallery, are sold or past commissioned Work, they are not available for sale.

A Persian Lotus theme Diamond Ring

                                                                                                                        Made through Chasing and Engraving in 19k Orange Rose gold.  With Colourless and Light Pink diamonds. This was perhaps the most challenging ring that I made during these years. And possibly the last one to create fully by hand with a hummer and chasing tools. It has a complicated, confusing symmetry, with an offset in the size of the petals to create the optical feeling of symmetry when viewed from above.

Completed in 2018

Diamonds and 20k yellow gold ring

                                                                                                                        Chased and Engraved, with Sateen [fine liner engraving] background texture.

*This ring was photographed after being  worn for a year , and in the large images on the relatively soft 20k yellow gold, the small bumps and scratches of life are clearly visible.


A small Star Ruby Ring

                                                           Made in 19k Orange Rose gold with small Yellow Pink and Blue-Grey diamonds, and unheated natural Rubies.   2011

 * The Ruby’s star is hidden in most of these images which were shot in diffused lightning.