Amber Buckles

Baltic amber in gold and silver

                                                                         Made in 22 & 19k gold, with the back plate and belt bur made of silver. With small diamonds rubies and 2 tourmalines. (as far as I remember…)


From 2004     * Due to an original camera error, the only images that remained from this Work are all very grainy. 

Archive Reference: BA05

Baltic Amber, and two Diamonds

                                                                               The working parts of the buckle were made in rose gold 20k. While a similar shade in 22k was used for the amber setting.

From 2002

Archive Reference: BA04

Mexican Amber

                                      A buckle in rose gold, 18k for the load bearing parts and 22k for the amber setting. With four Diamonds.


Archive Reference: BA03

Baltic Amber in a silver buckle

                                                                          Made with Tibetan Turquoise, Ruby cabs, and a bit of gold for the small settings.

Mid 1990s

Archive Reference: BA02

The very first buckle

                                                   An early Work, made when there was just a bag of tools that could be loaded on the back of the bike.   A Baltic amber, set with pink corals and a Tibetan-turquoise. Made in Silver.          It took considerable effort and improvisations to make this buckle. These were early days and I had made just one other piece before this one. I knew next to nothing about silver-work…  spending days on the mountainside balcony, trying to solder together the large pieces with a 5 Rupees blowpipe and a candle.

Made while in the Kulu valley, Himalaya 1994.

Archive Reference: BA01