Opal Rings

Fancy Opal

                             (Possibly) Fossilised, set in rose 18 & 22k gold ring. With natural colour and colourless diamonds. Polished from rough in studio.

From 2005

Archive Reference: RO14

Green Boulder

                                     Opal with Diamonds. orange-rose gold 22 & 18k.
From 2003.

Archive Reference: RO13

Precious little Black Opal

                                                                Australian Opal polished from rough in studio. 22 & 18k orange-rose gold and small Diamonds.

From 2003

Archive Reference: RO12

Triangle Australian Opal

                                                             An 18 & 22k rose gold ring with small Diamonds. polished from rough in studio.
From 2002

Archive Reference: RO11

Curved Black-Opal

                                                 Precious quality, set in 18 & 22k rose gold and diamonds. Opal polished from rough in studio, and ‘Flow-Curving’ with the shape of the rough.

From 2002

Archive Reference: RO10

Precious Black Opal

                                                   18 & 22k rose gold and diamonds. Opal polished from rough in studio.
From 2001 0r 2002.

Archive Reference: RO09

A Blue-Crystal

                                        Australian Opal, polished from rough in studio and set in 22 & 18k rose gold, with little Diamonds and Sapphires.

From 2002.

Archive Reference: RO08