The Warranty Understanding

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These work of jewellery Commissioned or bought, may in future days, pass through several generations of your family or friends.
The warranty offered for my jewellery work is valid for the duration of my working life as a jewellery artist and goldsmith.
With the proper care and maintenance suggested, the jewellery can remain in good condition for a long time. With only the natural ageing of the gold giving the piece that intimate feeling that it has truly become yours.    As long as Akash is working, you are welcome to bring in your jewellery for a free check-up, and if needed [and when possible] for repair. Akash is not repairing jewellery as a way of making an income, and will not (in most cases) accept repairs other than of his own work.     Repair will happen within reasonable and practical possibilities. It carries no specific limits. Each situation has its own story, limitations and possibilities. Please note that this statement can not be legally binding. This guarantee is offered out of love, and a sense of connection between Akash and those who choose to wear his jewellery work.    In the case of need for repair: If practical, please bring or ship the jewellery to the studio. In case this is not possible, or there is a time constraint, please contact Akash before taking the jewellery to your local repair jeweller! In some cases, Akash may not take in a piece to re-repair if an improper repair, done by another jeweller, has damaged his work of jewellery.

In most foreseeable scenarios, If any physical damage happens to the Gemstones: breakage, chipping, cracking, scratching, over-heating, or chemical damage, the owner of the jewellery will cover the cost of a replacement gemstone! Resetting new stone and other repairs are covered, and will be done without charge.

If the metal part of the jewellery has also suffered a physical damage due to any sort of accident or improper wear! Akash
(depending on the scale and complexity of the work involve) may decide to charge for this repair.    Please note that in many cases, scratches and the loss of polish are repairable and covered in the guarantee.

Exceptions in regard to the free repair offer, include the charge for outsourcing, such as Laser repair, and the re-polishing of faceted gemstones.
If other unforeseen exceptions comes up, they will need to be addressed according to the situation.
Akash will try to accommodate repairs as best he can. However, he cannot commit to a specific timeframe!
Please see the jewellery care page for information on jewellery vulnerabilities and care.

Gemstones are set under a microscope, and unless the jewellery has suffered unreasonable abuse, it is highly unlikely that a stone will come loose and fall off!
High karat gold under the course of many years of being exposed to the elements undergo a slow process of abrading, and at some point[depending on the type of setting], the setting may no longer firmly hold the stone.
It is recommended to bring the jewellery in for inspections about once a year, done under the microscope.
These inspections only take a few minutes.

If a stone is lost due to improper setting work, Akash will replace the lost stone.
BUT! Akash will not replace expensive gems! Nor will he replace an expensive gem in the event of damage to the gem during setting!
The definition of what is expensive is relative, related to one’s income and ideas! Therefore, there is no number stated here. If the aforementioned issue arise, it will be addressed at that time according to the situation at hand.

Akash is taking his time and doing the best within his professional capacity to set the gemstones in a secure and beautiful way,
with the utmost care employed during the setting process.
Even so, Damage during stone setting is an ongoing risk. With some gems (like Opals, Tanzanite and Emeralds), the risk is substantially greater.
In the setting of delicate stones, special setting styles and tools are used.

Every professional stone-setter has damaged some stones during the years. Established business and stores generally offer gem replacements.
Akash does not! Therefore, if you buy or order jewellery from Akash, you will have to trust. Whatever risk there is, it goes both ways.