Personal collection and Shipping

A personal collection or delivery has been the preferred method for most of my customers, throughout the years, opting against the use a shipping company.   The considerations were not just about safety, or the possibility of duty charges for something that can not really be evaluate in a commercial sense. It was more energetically, a feeling that the jewellery has to be shilled from strangers and warehouses and that impersonal delivery in a package.    A small network of friends around the world often made this a practical and pleasant option. Yet it carries no insurance and sending in this way is within the responsibilities of the buyer! it can also take time until someone is found to deliver the Work

The regular international shipping companies [at least used to] carry no full value insurance for jewellery… things may have changed and I need to check this again if new possibilities are available I will update this page.   Shipping with them if a customer’s choose to, is at his/her’s own risk.     But with some work of jewellery, I may not agree, as the value of the Work is not the same as its price. 


Shipping with a fully insured carrier is a safe but relatively expensive option! These are not the usual shipping services but specialised companies within the jewellery and gem trade circles. For rates, please check with me when relevant.
From Israel the shipping company is called Malca-Amit, it is operating from the Diamond Exchange in
Ramat-Gan.   [much of the diamond trade from there is shipped with that company]. With them at least in some countries the jewellery will not be delivered to your home, but rather you will need to collect it from a main office,  that’s because they normally transport goods in an armoured car.


When delivery is arranged through friends, it must be noted that I have no way to guarantee the safe arrival of the Work once it has left the studio. I will arrange for the sending or shipping according to the agreement made with the buyer, Work once out of the studio is at the buyer’s own risk. I do not have [nor can afford] a business insurance that will cover the jewellery.
There was never a problem in the past. But it is important to address these issues clearly.

Updated July 2019