With Pendants and necklaces the Jewellery is worn next to the heart, the gold work, an intricate frame, a sit for the stones. In some pendants, the stones were ‘studio – cut’, at times shaped in an uneven amorphous form, challenging creativity and workmanship in finding ways to set them beautifully.

Opal Pendants

Curved Coober Pedy Opal Pendant

                                                                                                                       A pendant with a curved Australian Coober Pedy Opal in an elaborate engraved frame.      Made in 19k Orange Rose gold and set with small natural Light-Pink and Yellow diamonds.    Dimensions: 41 X 16.5 mm.     *Work started in 2015 but it set unfinished for a few years due to technical difficulties, only to be completed in 2019.    [This is apparent in the design style which dates back a few years.]

Available at the Studio.     Inquire about this Pendant      


Archive Reference: PO11

The Kailash Pendant

                                                     This Australian Crystal Opal was polished in studio along the shape of the mined rough rock. It is set in a flowing ornate chased 19k yellow gold.
The frame and bail has 25 fancy Pink and yellow diamonds ranging from 0.9 – 1.4mm.
At the back of the semi-translucent Opal, curved in the mirroring direction, is an Om symbol Visible only when the pendant is held up to a light source, then the blue and green fire gives way to an Amber like appearance and the Om is there.
The size is approx. 30 X 35 mm.                  

For sale at Schmucki Goldschmied Atelier.

 Zollikon [a Zurich Suburb] Switzerland.

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Archive Reference: PO10

Blue Crystal

    A small pendant with curved crystal Opal.

From 2006

Archive Reference: PO09

Curved Australian opal

                                                         Naturally double layered opal. Set in 22 and 19k pierced (Jahli) gold pendant, with small colourless diamonds. Polished and curved in studio.
From 2006

Archive Reference: PO08

Fancy Rolling-Flash

                                                An elaborate large pendant of precious Australian opals cut and curved in-studio. set with 21 natural pink and yellow fancy colour diamonds, in Rose gold, 18 and 22k.  The large, central opal is what called a Rolling-Flash.
This pendant was quite an ambitious project at the time of its making, with these expensive stones and fancy work. It was way out of range for my then customer base.
Eventually sold to an unknown buyer in the US through a gallery.

From 2004

Archive Reference: PO07

Boulder Opal pendant

                                                      A high quality Bolder Opal with diamonds in 22 and 18k rose gold.

From 2003

Archive Reference: PO06

A simple Boulder

                                          Curved common bolder opal set in 22 and 18k rose gold.

From 2003

Archive Reference: PO05