Mexican Fire-Agat

                                                 The ring has pink sapphires for the two side stones, and a few little Diamonds.
22k rose gold, From 2000.

Archive Reference: RC05


                                Very early ‘exploration’ Work in silver and some gold.
late 1990’s

Archive Reference: RC04

Red Coral

                           Very early ring in 20 and 22k rose gold. with little
Diamonds and Rubies.
From 1997.

Archive Reference: RC02

A ring with a Dragon

                                                    With a 0.5c fine colourless diamond in 19k yellow gold ring. With 15 small diamonds. 2005

Archive Reference: RD06

 Light yellow Emerald-cut

                                                                A central diamond in an unusual emerald cut, set in deep Rose 18k gold, with 10 small vivid yellow and colourless diamonds.

From 2004.

Archive Reference: RD05

Princess Cut

                                  An 0.5c princess cut diamond in 18k yellow gold, with 9 or 10 smaller diamonds. engraved and milgrained.    * The ring was photographed without a Macro lens, hence the grainy details clearly visible in the presentation gallery.

From 2003.

Archive Reference: RD04

Light Yellow Diamond

                                                       An 0.5 carat stone in 20k Rose gold. with colourless small diamonds.
From 2001

Archive Reference: RD03