Quetzalcoatl Band

                                            A chased and engraved little ring with the image of the mythical Mayan winged serpent. 19k Rose Gold. A few 1 mm Yellow and Light-Pink Diamonds are set into the Quetzalcoatl’s engraved relief.

from 2013

Archive Reference: RB02

Star-ruby and Sapphires

                                                              And the very first touch of gold added to this early ring.    Made in 970 silver & 22k gold.
From 1995.
*Photos were taken after years of wear.

Archive Reference: RS01

A Sapphire Ring

                                         A small, simple 19k yellow gold ring.

From 2007

Archive Reference: RC08

Tibetan Turquoise and Emeralds

                                                                                 An early ring in 22k Rose gold, with small diamonds. From 2001.
* This ring was lost to the Ocean somewhere on the Brazilian cost several years later.

Archive Reference: RC07

Ruby Cab

                          An early Studio-Cut ruby and small diamonds, in an 18k rose gold ring.  2000.

Archive Reference: RC06

A wedding ring

                                 In 18k yellow gold.    * As I never had a camera, at times it happens, as is the case here, that the only images available of this ring are blurred and grainy .


Archive Reference: RB01

Mexican Fire-Agat

                                                 The ring has pink sapphires for the two side stones, and a few little Diamonds.
22k rose gold, From 2000.

Archive Reference: RC05