Creating a pair of earrings is different than other work of jewellery. Earrings have to be lightweight, secure yet not too difficult to wear and remove… [as some that i have made in the past probably are] They should flow with the shape of the ear and the head, be comfortable, and move gracefully if they include moving parts. and be a pair, two of the same… and in the past, this, in itself, was a small challenge.



A single ‘Jalli’

Pierced earring with an opal and a diamond.

From 2000.

Archive Reference: EO04

Small Opals

                              A single earring with very small Australian opals in 18 and 22k light-rose gold. The earring’s fixture is a screw stud set with a ruby.

Late 1990s.

Archive Reference: EO03

A Single Earring

                                        Made in 20k rose gold. With a changeable ruby spring stud lock, and blue sapphires.

From 2000

Archive Reference: EC04

A Single Earring

                                        Made in 20k rose gold, little Pink-Sapphires, and Diamonds. With a changeable ruby stud screw lock.

From 2000

Archive Reference: EC03

Australian Opal

                                       In 22 & 18k Light – Rose gold. With a quick-open catch.

Late 1990s

Archive Reference: EO02

Emerald and little diamonds

In a single earring. Made in 18k gold.

Late 1990s

Archive Reference: EC02

A simple Opal Earring

                                                       Gold, with a changeable Opal stud. From around 2001
* What remained to show are only very low resolution photos.

Archive Reference: EO01