Opal Rings

Natural Yin Yang

                                            The symbol showing on this little studio cut Opal, made in 18 & 22k rose gold. With a few small diamonds.   *Low resolution images.

From 2002

Archive Reference: RO07

Small Australian Opal

                                                        Set in an 18 & 22k Rose gold. With little Diamonds.  Opal is studio cut   * Low resolution images.

From 2001.

Archive Reference: RO06

Crystal Opal

                                 Curved along the shape of the rough. 18 & 22k Rose gold, and small Diamonds.   The Opal is studio cut.

From 2002.

Archive Reference: RO05

Boulder Opal

                                   Ring made in 18 & 22k Rose gold. With small Diamonds.

From 2001.

Archive Reference: RO04

Black Australian

                                          Made in a 22 & 20k Rose gold, a pierced man ring. With two small Diamonds.
From 1999.


Archive Reference: RO03

A small Australian Opal

                                                            Made in 20 & 22k Rose gold.
Late 1990s.

Archive Reference: RO02

Mexican Opal

Made in silver and 22k gold. An early Work, From the mid 1990s.

Archive Reference: RO01