With Pendants and necklaces the Jewellery is worn next to the heart, the gold work, an intricate frame, a sit for the stones. In some pendants, the stones were ‘studio – cut’, at times shaped in an uneven amorphous form, challenging creativity and workmanship in finding ways to set them beautifully.


Red coral

                        One of the only two coral jewellery I ever made, both on friends request, and using their corals, many years ago.  As normally I would not work with Coral.  Here a branch of Coral and Rubies set in 22 & 18k rose gold basket. Tt was A ‘Mala’ centre, In time, this Work was eventually lost.
From the late 1990s.

Archive Reference: PC06

Osho Marble

                                Polished marble and a star sapphire set in gold [the karat i do not remember]
From 1996.
‘Osho – Marble’ is marble from Osho’s room, considered by Osho’s Sanyassins to be charged with some of Osho’s energy of Light.   * Over the years I’ve been asked occasionally about Osho’s marble, and  just to note that I do not have any in the studio.  Osho was a wonderful being. But perhaps, one best seek Light within ones self, not through a piece of marble taken from Osho’s room during renovation. Enjoy the jewellery for their beauty, and if you truly feel the energy of the stones, allow them to reflect your own divine Light.

Archive Reference: PC05

Shadow and Light

                                            The original (paper) photos of this Work, were truely beautiful. Taken by a photographer who once passed by the Old studio in Pune India, his name I do not remember…    This early work is simple, yet I always found it to be an inspiring design. Sliver, with little 22k gold, with a green sapphire in the front and a rutileted quartz cab in the inner back.
Made in 1995 or 1996.

Archive Reference: PC04

Mexican Amber

                                      This Mala centre has a Star Ruby on the top and is made in silver and gold [maybe 22k I do not remember].
‘Mid 1990s’

Archive Reference: PC03

Lapis drop in Silver

 Studio-cut Lapis in silver with an Opal.

 ‘Early – mid 1990s’.

Archive Reference: PC02

First work in Silver

                                               This piece was the accidental beginning of this studio, it was quite large, around 80mm in diameter. Smoky-Quartz, Amethyst and Sapphires.   * Starting the work on this one, I know next to zip about jewellery making. Struggled a lot and learned a lot.  It still exists, I should think, in the home of old friends.

 From 1994.

Archive Reference: PC01