With Pendants and necklaces the Jewellery is worn next to the heart, the gold work, an intricate frame, a sit for the stones. In some pendants, the stones were ‘studio – cut’, at times shaped in an uneven amorphous form, challenging creativity and workmanship in finding ways to set them beautifully.


Emerald and Diamonds

                                                        Fine African Emerald with colourless and yellow Diamonds in a little 19k rose gold pendant.
* These images were taken through one of the the microscope’s eye piece with a pocket camera. the result are fairly clear details but limited depth and warmth.

Archive Reference: PC09

Rose Cut

                        Champagne colour diamond with untreated Burmese Ruby set at the back and small pink and yellow natural Diamonds. *Photographed with a pocket camera through one of the microscope eyepiece.


Archive Reference: PC08

A simple Boulder

                                          Curved common bolder opal set in 22 and 18k rose gold.

From 2003

Archive Reference: PO05

Carved Boulder Opal

                                                   The stone was cut and polished through the layers to expose the veins of fire. Made in 18 and 22k rose gold and set with a few small diamonds. the piece is about 50mm Long.

From perhaps 2003.

Archive Reference: PO04

A variety of Bolder opal

                                                         A Bolder with sphere like pattern set in 22 and 18k rose gold along with a few small diamonds.
From 2002.

Archive Reference: PO03


                            This stone is quite a simple quality of a variety of special bolder Opals that are rare and can be very expensive. Set in a 22 and 18k, rose gold, with little diamonds.

From 2002.
* The old images of this Work were small and very low in quality…

Archive Reference: PO02

A Bolder full of natural drawings

                                                                              This interesting Bolder Opal fall and cracked many years ago [the photos are more recent, as there are no photos from the time of making the piece] Made with a Diamond and a small Ruby inlayed in the Iron-Stone. [the rock in which the Opal vein are embedded] 22k rose gold and a little bit of 24k for the inlay elements.
From 1998

Archive Reference: PO021