With Pendants and necklaces the Jewellery is worn next to the heart, the gold work, an intricate frame, a sit for the stones. In some pendants, the stones were ‘studio – cut’, at times shaped in an uneven amorphous form, challenging creativity and workmanship in finding ways to set them beautifully.

Opal Pendants

Carved Boulder Opal

                                                   The stone was cut and polished through the layers to expose the veins of fire. Made in 18 and 22k rose gold and set with a few small diamonds. the piece is about 50mm Long.

From perhaps 2003.

Archive Reference: PO04

A variety of Bolder opal

                                                         A Bolder with sphere like pattern set in 22 and 18k rose gold along with a few small diamonds.
From 2002.

Archive Reference: PO03


                            This stone is quite a simple quality of a variety of special bolder Opals that are rare and can be very expensive. Set in a 22 and 18k, rose gold, with little diamonds.

From 2002.
* The old images of this Work were small and very low in quality…

Archive Reference: PO02

A Bolder full of natural drawings

                                                                              This interesting Bolder Opal fall and cracked many years ago [the photos are more recent, as there are no photos from the time of making the piece] Made with a Diamond and a small Ruby inlayed in the Iron-Stone. [the rock in which the Opal vein are embedded] 22k rose gold and a little bit of 24k for the inlay elements.
From 1998

Archive Reference: PO021

Flash Opal

                           Simple small pendant with a very nice opal, set in 22k rose gold, with one small Ruby.

From 1996.

Archive Reference: PO01