Star Sapphire Rings

A violet

                     Star-Sapphire in 18 and 22k Rose gold and little Diamonds.
*The star is not visibale in these low resolution photos probably taken under defused light.
From 2000

Archive Reference: RS03

A blue-Gray Ceylon

                                                 A lost ring…    It was made with a Star Sapphire and a pair of Diamonds in 20k yellow gold.    From the mid ‘1990s’.
* An early work [in my goldsmith “career”] It was, after some years, stolen in Goa.

Archive Reference: RS02

Star-ruby and Sapphires

                                                              And the very first touch of gold added to this early ring.    Made in 970 silver & 22k gold.
From 1995.
*Photos were taken after years of wear.

Archive Reference: RS01