Shipping or Sending 

Most people who have bought this work in the past

nearly always, preferred a personal delivery to the use of shipping company.
the issue is not just about safety, or the possibility of duty charges for something that can not really be evaluate in a commercial sense!
It is also, or even foremost, energetically.
A small network of friends around the world often makes this a practical and energetically nice option.
Yet it carries no insurance and sending in this way is within the responsibilities of the buyer!

The large regular international shipping companies [used to] carry no full value insurance for jewellery… things may have changed and if i get new encouraging information I will update it into this page.  In general, I may refuse to ship my work with these companies!

I cannot guarantee the safe arrival of work once it has left the studio. I will arrange for the sending or shipping according to the agreement made with the buyer, Work once out of the studio is at the buyer’s own risk.
Even-though there was never a problem in the past! it is important to me to address these issues clearly.

Shipping with one of the fully insured carriers is a good option! These are not the usual shipping services but specialized companies within the jewellery and gem trade circles.
These fully insured services are far more expensive then regular shippers.
*For updated rates, please check with me when relevant.
In Israel I used to use a specialised company called Malca-Amit, operating from the Diamond Exchange in

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