The Studio and Information

section of the website is intend to cover in a clear and detailed way the relevant subjects related to this work; including information on  how to place orders (commissions) for future jewellery, and the unusual sale agreement that has been slowly emerging over the last few years.


These pages

were written for the people who bought jewellery made by me, and for the ones who are waiting for their commissions to materialise, and for anyone considering to buy or order jewellery of my work in the future. I have added also a personal page.

Even after all these years, the studio still has no “established premises”  I work from a temporary place in Israel, the studio is opened usually from April – beginning of May till end of October – beginning of November.


At the small studio in Israel: The Goldsmith’s Bench where all this jewellery is being created.
Shown here back in 2008 and then [modified and more packed with equipment and tools] during the summer of 2014.