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The Kailash Pendant

This that was long time in the making pendant, with it’s natural shaped Crystal Opal felt as if reminding one of the sacred Himalayan mountain the abode of Shiva.
Polished along the shape of the mined rough rock, this rare Australian Crystal Opal is set in a flowing complex 19k chased yellow gold.
About 25 or so Pink and yellow fancy-colour 0.9 – 1.4mm diamonds are set in the Chased frame and bail. The Opal is hammer set.
At the back of the semi-translucent Opal, curved in the mirroring direction, is the sacred Om symbol Visible only when the pendant is held [front wise] up to a light source, then the blue and green fire gives way to an Amber like appearance and the Om is there.
The size is approx. 30X35mm.
The first version of this Work goes back as far as 2006 initially intended to be created in Platinum… from that time it underwent several changes and reworks
To only come into completion in 2013.

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Archive Reference: PO10