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show upcoming work in different stages of its making.

Work on the Way


Certain Works

take a long time to complete, sometimes in phases between other jewellery projects. Some Work needs an ‘investment’ in gemstones, often expensive Colourless and Colour diamonds… These ‘Jewellery on the way’ can be reserved before completion with an advance amount that will allow me to complete the Work Suggestion or interest in upcoming work is welcomed, and can be communicated through the Contact page

White Tara

the Goddess of Love, Compassion and Peace in the Tibetan tradition. The White Tara has seven eyes, two at palms of her hands, and two at the sole of her feet, as well as the three usual ones. The eyes will be set with light blue diamonds 0.08mm in size. The base part, her lotus podium will probably change or go. Possibly platinum will be used for the back frame pin and bail. The work will to be a brooch and a pendant. Gold is 19k light rose. The White Tara work began as a learning exercise in the Chasing and Repoussé techniques. It has grown into the beginning of something quite complex that due to budget and time limitations, is for now, waiting in its initial phase. The holes visible in the images, are preparations for settings, stones intended for this work are mostly natural fancy-colour diamonds with possibly some Burmese rubies. Slowly, about 200 different chasing tools and burnishers were made for Micro-Chasing. This is the name I use for this technique, ‘traditional Chasing and Repoussé is similar but employed on a larger scale, with relatively much bigger tools’, while many of my tools are but a millimeter or two across their working ends. Size is approx 35 x 55mm.