This page

is a collection a few pieces that were meaningful or important steps along the creativity road.
Some jewellery I simply like to show and see, without the need to search the archives.
Work displayed here, is available within the Archives under its corresponding category.

Early Work, Collection from the Studio in India (Archived)

The early work

continuously challenged by the limitations in tools and knowledge, was in some ways more free and innocent, and the road towards becoming established as a professional goldsmith seemed allot shorter and simpler.

Fancy Rolling-Flash

Pendant of Australian opals cut and curved in-studio. With 21 natural pink and yellow fancy colour diamonds.
Rose gold, 18 and 22k. From 2004
The large, central opal is a Rolling-Flash with very good Fire.
This pendant was quite an ambitious project at the time of its making. With expensive stones and fancy work, it was out of range for my then customer base.
it was everntualy sold to an unknown buyer in the US,


The Fairy Pendant

Antique Tibetan Turquoise,
Curved with alot of time and love, a 10x loop and a crude homemade carbide graver.

Sold in the US through a shop, to an unknown customer.
If anyone know who has this work, please contact me as I would like very much this person to connect with me.
22 and 18k ‘light rose’ gold. With small diamonds and one ruby.
Actual Size: Hight 39mm, Width 29mm.


Shadow and Light

The original (paper) photos of this
work, were truely beautiful. Taken by a photographer who once passed by the house, his name I do not remember…

This early work is simple, yet I always found it to be an inspiring design.
Made in 1995 or 1996.
Sliver, with little 22k gold, with a green sapphire in the front and a rutileted quartz cab in the inner back.


The first buckle

made from silver it was for a Baltic amber a friend brought from Poland, set with pink corals and a Tibetan-turquoise.

It took considerable effort and improvisation to make this buckle. These were early days and I had made just one other piece before this one. I knew next to nothing about silverwork… I remember spending days on the mountainside balcony, trying to solder together the large pieces with a 5rs blowpipe and a candle.

Made while in the Kulu valley, Himalaya 1994.