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is a selection of some of the work from the last 5 years or so.

Collection of Work from the Studio in Israel (Archived)

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Curved Australian opal

naturaly double layered set in 22 and 19k pirced (Jahli) gold pendant, with small colourless diamonds.
as with most Opals in my work, it was polished and curved in studio.
made in 2006


A Diamond Ring

in 18k yellow gold, set with 42 natural fancy colour and colourless diamonds. Center Stone: VV2 F 1.02c.
Fancy diamonds colours in this ring includes Vivid-pink, Vivid-Yellow, Deep Yellow-Green, and Light Blue-Grey.
The techniques used are: Engraving Bright-cutting and Burnishing,
from 2009.


Velvet Blue Ceylon Star Sapphire

with some 40 natural [untreated] Fancy-Colour and Colourless Diamonds.
First for incorporating the techniques of Micro-Chasing and Micro-Burnishing along with the usual use of Engraving work in rings .
from 2008
*The star is only visible in one photo [taken with a Flash] the rest of this presentation set, was shot in diffused light.


Sapphire and little Diamonds

in a small 19k yellow gold ring. from 2007