Rings, in more then one way

are the most challenging type of jewellery to create. Rings has to be wearable, comfortable, durable
and beautiful, and still be special and one of a kind.
They are more 3 dimensional and has to look right from all directions.


Rare Burmese Star Ruby

gem quality [untreated]. Set in intricate 19k Rose-gold ring.
All Diamonds are natural Fancy-Colour including: 4 PP1 [Vivid purpule-Pink] 2mm & 1.4mm.
1 PP3 1.4mm, 36 Blue-Grey 1mm, and 12 5P or 6P [Light-Pink] in 1mm size.


Archive Reference: RS09

A Diamond Ring

in 18k yellow gold, set with 42 natural fancy colour and colourless diamonds. Center Stone: VV2 F 1.02c.
Fancy diamonds colours in this ring includes Vivid-pink, Vivid-Yellow, Deep Yellow-Green, and Light Blue-Grey.
The techniques used are: Engraving Bright-cutting and Burnishing,
from 2009.

Archive Reference: RD07

The Kundalini Serpents and the Tree of Life.

Both symbols are engraved on the sides of the ring, The diamonds represents the Chakras. arranged according to tradition, on the rising path of the Kundalini energy and through the ‘levels’ on the Tree of Life.
Blue-Gray Ceylon Star Sapphire, with Colourless and natural Pink-Brown diamonds in 19k yellow gold.

the Chakras corosponding lotus flowers are engraved on the inside.

Made in 2005, and later re-worked in 2007.

Archive Reference: RS07

Om and a Star-of-David

engraved on the sides of a Blue-Grey Star-Sapphire ring.
made in 20 and 18k Orange-Rose gold. With small Star Rubies and a few diamonds.
From 2005.

Archive Reference: RS06

Pink Star

in an 18k Orange-Rose gold Star Sapphire ring.
With 7 small diamonds. From 2004

Archive Reference: RS05

Gold with Platinum

setting to a Lavander shade StarSapphire.
made with 750 ‘Orange- Rose’gold and 900 Iridium Platinum.
From 2004.

Archive Reference: RS04

A violet

in 18 and 22k Rose gold and little Diamonds.
*The star is not visibale in these low resolution photos probably taken under defused light.
From 2000

Archive Reference: RS03