Diamond Rings

A Diamond Ring

in 18k yellow gold, set with 42 natural fancy colour and colourless diamonds. Center Stone: VV2 F 1.02c.
Fancy diamonds colours in this ring includes Vivid-pink, Vivid-Yellow, Deep Yellow-Green, and Light Blue-Grey.
The techniques used are: Engraving Bright-cutting and Burnishing,
from 2009.

Archive Reference: RD07

A Little Dragon

encircles the band of the ring. Through the gates beneth the diamond, She nearly reaches her tail, but for a lotus flower.
0.5c fine colourless diamond in 19k yellow gold ring. With 15 small diamonds. 2005

Archive Reference: RD06

 Light yellow Emerald-cut

Diamond. Set in deep Rose 18k gold, with 10 small vivid yellow and colorless diamonds. From 2004.
*sold in the US to an unknown buyer.

Archive Reference: RD05

Princess Cut

0.5c diamond
in 18k yellow gold,with 9 or 10 smaller diamonds. engraved and millgrained. From 2003.

*photographed without a Macro lens, hence the grainy details visible in the Flash gallery.
Working with a rectangular stone was rare in this work,and calls for symmetry and strait lines.

Archive Reference: RD04

Light Yellow Diamond

0.5 carat  in  Rose, 20k gold. with colourless diamonds.
From 2001
*recently lost, yet not to the ocean… and she may still, one day re-emerge

Archive Reference: RD03

The first diamond ring

took several long attempts to make. the lady who had the ring ordered, was wonderfully patient, trusting her diamond with me, while waiting nearly two years for her ring.
The ring was made in 20 and 22k rose gold, alloies which
(I learned later on…) are a bit soft for diamond rings, yet with beautiful colour and texture.
Made in 1999.

Archive Reference: RD01