Pendants, necklaces and Mala-centres,

all lets us wear our stones next to our hearts, the gold work is an intricate frame, a ‘home’ for the stone. Often pendant stones are ‘studio – cut’, shaped in an uneven amorphous form, and one has to be creative in finding ways to set them beautifully.

Tibetan Turquoise Pendants

The Fairy Pendant

Antique Tibetan Turquoise,
Curved with alot of time and love, a 10x loop and a crude homemade carbide graver.

Sold in the US through a shop, to an unknown customer.
If anyone know who has this work, please contact me as I would like very much this person to connect with me.
22 and 18k ‘light rose’ gold. With small diamonds and one ruby.
Actual Size: Hight 39mm, Width 29mm.

Archive Reference: PT06

A Star-Sapphire bail

with a small Diamond on an Opal and Tibetan Turquoise frame.

Set  in 22 and 20k Rose gold. Late 1990s.

Archive Reference: PT05

Tibetan and Chinese Turquoise

in an early silver and silver wire work. Mid 1990s.

Archive Reference: PT01

Tibetan Turquoise and Opals

in 22k Rose gold. From 1996.

Archive Reference: PT02

A Necklace

Tibetan Turquoise set in 22 and 18k gold. Late 1990s.

Archive Reference: PT03

 Tibetan Turquoise and a diamond

in 18 and 22k Rose gold. Late 1990s.

Archive Reference: PT04