Tibetan and Chinese Turquoise

in an early silver and silver wire work. Mid 1990s.

Archive Reference: PT01

Tibetan Turquoise and Opals

in 22k Rose gold. From 1996.

Archive Reference: PT02

A Necklace

Tibetan Turquoise set in 22 and 18k gold. Late 1990s.

Archive Reference: PT03

 Tibetan Turquoise and a diamond

in 18 and 22k Rose gold. Late 1990s.

Archive Reference: PT04

Osho Marble

and star sapphire set in gold [the karat i do not remember]
From 1996.
‘Osho – Marble’ is marble from Osho’s room, considred by Osho’s Sanyassins to be charged with some of Osho’s energy of Light

Archive Reference: PC05

Red coral

and Rubies in 22 & 18k rose gold basket. A ‘Mala’ centre, *In time, this Work was eventually lost…
From the late 1990s.

Archive Reference: PC06


in 22 & 18k gold
with an Opal Late 1990s.

Archive Reference: PC07