A simple Boulder Opal

curved with one small diamond in 22 and 18k rose gold. From 2003

Archive Reference: PO05

Curved Boulder Opal

cut and polished through the
layers. In 18 and 22k rose gold. (50mm Long)
With small diamonds, from perhaps 2003.

Archive Reference: PO04

A variety of Bolder opal

with sphere like pattern.
Anyone knowing the proper name for this opal? as I would love to know. set in 22 and 18k rose gold with some small diamonds.
From 2002.

Archive Reference: PO03


Opal although of simple quality.
Set in a 22 and 18k, rose gold, with little diamonds. From 2002.
* The images of this work are small and very low in quality…

Archive Reference: PO02

A Pixie with a cap

is hidden in this Bolder Opal, she is still in the stone even as the Opal fall and cracked through years ago [the photos are recent, there are no photos from the time of making the piece]
with a Diamond and a small Ruby inlayed in the Iron-Stone [the rock in which the Opal vein are embedded]
22k rose gold and a little bit of 24k for the inlay elements.
From 1998

Archive Reference: PO021

Flash Opal

in 22k rose gold, and one small Ruby. From 1996.

Archive Reference: PO01

A Star-Sapphire bail

with a small Diamond on an Opal and Tibetan Turquoise frame.

Set  in 22 and 20k Rose gold. Late 1990s.

Archive Reference: PT05