Pendants, necklaces and Mala-centres,

all lets us wear our stones next to our hearts, the gold work is an intricate frame, a ‘home’ for the stone. Often pendant stones are ‘studio – cut’, shaped in an uneven amorphous form, and one has to be creative in finding ways to set them beautifully.

Colour Stones Pendants

Rose Cut

Champagne colour diamond with untreated Burmese Ruby set at the back and small pink and yellow natural Diamonds

*Photographed with a pocket camera through one of the microscope eyepiece.


Archive Reference: PC08

Emerald and Diamonds

Fine African Emerald with colourless and yellow Diamonds in a little 19k rose gold pendant.
*images taken through one of the the microscope’s eye piece with a pocket camera, resulting in fairly clear details but with limited depth and warmth.

Archive Reference: PC09

Osho Marble

and star sapphire set in gold [the karat i do not remember]
From 1996.
‘Osho – Marble’ is marble from Osho’s room, considred by Osho’s Sanyassins to be charged with some of Osho’s energy of Light

Archive Reference: PC05

Red coral

and Rubies in 22 & 18k rose gold basket. A ‘Mala’ centre, *In time, this Work was eventually lost…
From the late 1990s.

Archive Reference: PC06


in 22 & 18k gold
with an Opal Late 1990s.

Archive Reference: PC07

Shadow and Light

The original (paper) photos of this
work, were truely beautiful. Taken by a photographer who once passed by the house, his name I do not remember…

This early work is simple, yet I always found it to be an inspiring design.
Made in 1995 or 1996.
Sliver, with little 22k gold, with a green sapphire in the front and a rutileted quartz cab in the inner back.

Archive Reference: PC04

Mexican Amber

and Star Ruby in
silver and gold pendant.
‘Mid 1990s’

Archive Reference: PC03