Blue Crystal

curved Opal
from 2006

Archive Reference: PO09

Curved Australian opal

naturaly double layered set in 22 and 19k pirced (Jahli) gold pendant, with small colourless diamonds.
as with most Opals in my work, it was polished and curved in studio.
made in 2006

Archive Reference: PO08

Fancy Rolling-Flash

Pendant of Australian opals cut and curved in-studio. With 21 natural pink and yellow fancy colour diamonds.
Rose gold, 18 and 22k. From 2004
The large, central opal is a Rolling-Flash with very good Fire.
This pendant was quite an ambitious project at the time of its making. With expensive stones and fancy work, it was out of range for my then customer base.
it was everntualy sold to an unknown buyer in the US,

Archive Reference: PO07

The Fairy Pendant

Antique Tibetan Turquoise,
Curved with alot of time and love, a 10x loop and a crude homemade carbide graver.

Sold in the US through a shop, to an unknown customer.
If anyone know who has this work, please contact me as I would like very much this person to connect with me.
22 and 18k ‘light rose’ gold. With small diamonds and one ruby.
Actual Size: Hight 39mm, Width 29mm.

Archive Reference: PT06

Boulder opal and diamonds

in 22 and 18k rose gold. From 2003

Archive Reference: PO06

Rose Cut

Champagne colour diamond with untreated Burmese Ruby set at the back and small pink and yellow natural Diamonds

*Photographed with a pocket camera through one of the microscope eyepiece.


Archive Reference: PC08

Emerald and Diamonds

Fine African Emerald with colourless and yellow Diamonds in a little 19k rose gold pendant.
*images taken through one of the the microscope’s eye piece with a pocket camera, resulting in fairly clear details but with limited depth and warmth.

Archive Reference: PC09