To create a pair of earrings

in many ways is quite different then other work of jewellery.

Earrings have to be lightweight, secure yet not too difficult to wear and remove… [as some that i have made in the past probably are]

They should flow with the shape of the ear and the head, be comfortable, and move gracefully if they include moving parts. And the have to be a pair… two of the same, and this, by itself, is a small challenge.

The intention within the next few years is to develop a few ‘base’ styles of earrings that feel truly right, and then make some variation from there. This will make earrings much more available. When certain situations concerning the studio workflow
are met, this will also happen.

Opal Earrings

A single ‘Jalli’

(Pierced) earring with an opal and a diamond. 2000 India.

Archive Reference: EO04

Another Single earring

set with very small Australian opals.
The earring’s fixture is a screw stud set with a ruby.
India, late 1990s. 18 and 22k light-rose gold.

Archive Reference: EO03

Australian Opal

22 & 18k Light – Rose gold. With a quick-open catch.
India, late 1990s.

Archive Reference: EO02

A Single earring

with a changeable Opal stud. From around ‘2001’ India.
in an old, very low resolution photos.

Archive Reference: EO01